News and Events


26th of September 2016

Updated the Power Line and Basic Line pages with new catalogues and ATEX approved motors 1.6, 3.2, 5.0 and 6.0kW.

12th of February 2013

Updated the Drill & Grinder Spindle catalogue - now we have grinder spindles up to 1000W.

April 2012

New Home Page and updated the Waste Energy recovery page.


November 2011

Revamped the website. Hope you like it!


2nd of September 2011

Updated Advanced Line Catalogue, now includes air maintenance units and repair kits.

Advanced Line motors now have viton seals and food grade grease.


3rd of June 2010  

Updated Catalogues and new Basic Line, Advanced Line and Power Line catalogues


15th October 2009  

Added Individual Power Line Catalogues.

Added information on new High Torque Advanced Line Motors


24th of July 2009  

Added Advanced Line catalogues


11th of June 2009  

New Template and updated some pages and keywords.


23rd of March 2009  

Updated Webite


24th Jan 2009  

The website is up and running.